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Honeymoon period over... let's take a closer look

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Status Post Previa Repair

First off, I am super happy to get my Previa back. I kept going back and forth about what to do since the accident happened.

Quick recap: Sept 2017 older guy him my Previa. The right side smashed. Once I put on the spare tire, I knew the suspension alignment was off as it was pulling to the right very hard!

I needed to clean up the damaged portion a bit and give it a better assessment. So I replaced the fender.

In this picture, you can see how pushed back the wheel is. It is  closer to the door than the front bumper.

There is also damaged to the door as well.

I searched CL for Frame straightening and AJC Autobody came up. I asked someone at CCSF's autobody class and they said it was recommended.

I called AJC and sent them these pictures. They said they would do the job for $1000 as a base (additional costs depending on needs). I told them it didn't have to be perfect, I just want it to be straightened as much as possible. I agreed to the quote and got a few pieces before I ha…

Finally!!! Previa is home!!!

It's home! As of 2/9/19.

Let's do the timeline:

September 2017 - Older person hit my van.
November 2017 - Final assessment of Previa and decided options.


 Tried to find a Previa chassis with same options (95 and up, supercharged, dual sunroof and capt chairs in middle row). I also attempted to find a place to drop motor and transmission with no luck.Decided to check the costs for frame straightening.There was only one shop that popped up on CL and that was  AJC Autobody. I contacted them and sent pictures. I was quoted $1000.I went to a couple junkyards for a few parts. I had the van towed to their shop. I stopped by and met with Dave. We talked and I asked if they have a place that does alignment. They said they have a sister shop that does alignment. I pushed for it to be done after the frame straightening. 
I called a couple weeks to get an update. I was told that the headlight I brought was not the right one. I told them that the headlight is from a 1991, but it was …

Previa Update 1/22/19


So the Previa was straightened out and I knew that the suspension would need to be addressed.

The shop I took it initially said it was fine (I knew it would improve with pulling) but I knew it would still need to be looked at since it was tweaked.

Additionally I figure while it was there, have the door fixed. The front part of the door that meets the fender got scrapped up as you can see in this picture.

I was thinking of trying to get another door and what not.. but I figure that would take more time, and for it to be different colors (if I can find a door this color, it will likely be a different shade due to fade). Not only that, I'd have to change out the door lock and all kinds of stuff I don't have time to do.

So I asked for them to fix it while there.


An additional $1400.

Almost there. I gave approval and I hope they can get the stuff right away.

Garage Tuner Automotive - Seattle

There are some names in specific car demographics that are and should be known.

Samay of Garage Tuner Automotive is one of them.

He is the Previa guy and in Seattle.

I had a chance to meet with him!!!

and check out the previa limo!

Previa 2018 update

For most of the year, I have been going back and forth with finding a new chassis and taking the motor/transmission out.

I've been searching for the right chassis, mostly dual sunroof, Supercharged and middle row capt. chairs. Also just the chassis.

And nothing popped up. I did find a All-trac chassis, but the van was in parts and primered... so I didn't go with it.

But since it is now December, I figured I need to get on it. The previa runs and I feel it needs just a bit of a frame pull.

I did a quick search under "frame straightening" and there was only one hit. I called them and sent the pictures.

They quoted me "$1000".  I decided to go with it.

The reason why I was trying to find a clean chassis is because it wouldn't be a salvaged title. Unfortunately, my previa was given this status after they totalled it out.

So I wanted a fresh body to work with and have a clean title...



2014 Toyota Sienna SE: Middle row seat removal and track cleaning

My van was dirty in the seat rail tracks. Once I started to take things apart, I saw how bad it was.

I took this opportunity to do my best in cleaning, but also to take apart the Sienna.