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I've been coming to Vancouver BC very often due to my family living here.

I always search for things to do and I found Bridal Veil Falls in Chilliwack

This was in 2015. On the way there, I saw a Pick a Part DIY junkyard on the way.

I always told myself I would check it out and Today was that day (June 12, 2016)

I went there just to check things out. I didn't have any tools and wasn't expecting much. If I saw a Mazda mx-6 digital gauge cluster, I would have bought it.

After search the cars and finding nothing, I decided to look at the vans.

I came upon a blue 91 previa (didn't know it was AWD too) and when I looked inside....

ICE MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now let me say this. I didn't have tools, I wasn't expecting to buy anything, I didn't have much time..
Well, after I saw the Ice maker, I went to the nearest store  (Canadian Superstore) and bought what was available, which was a half ass tool set!

I immediately got to work on the Ice maker. Never took one off before, but it is pretty damn simple compared to the Cool box.

Undernearth, 4 10mm nuts hold the brackets the Ice Maker sits on. 

2 more 10mm bolts hold the coolant lines. 

Then 2 more nuts hold the bracket that surrounds the coolant lines. 

That is it! Unplug the wires and its out.

It is probably holds twice the amount the cool box holds. Plus it has the ability to make ice!!!

I will make a comparison when I get back to San Francisco.


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