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After the previa was brought to the shop.

As I mentioned, I decided to go all out. I mean replace and hit all the issues that have been common to all Previas!

Here is the van with the motor taken out:

 -Cruise control lever (original was broken)
-Passenger vanity mirror (original was cracked)
-Grey vinyl door panels for both driver and passenger (excellent condition)(possibly get the other panels)
-SADS couplers - 04374-28011
-Chain tensioner gasket - 13552-75010
-Engine mount - 12361-76042
-Engine mount - 12362-76012
-Timing chain tensioner - 13540-75020
-Timing chain - 13506-75010
-Time chain cover gaskets - 11328-75010 and 11329-75010
-Timing guide rail - 13561-76020
-Timing guide rail - 13559-76010
-Timing gear kit - CDK-014C
-Oil filter mount gasket - 15692-76010
-Cylinder head gasket kit HS5890 (Victor Reinz)
-rear engine oil seal - 90311-8803
-thermostat - 90916-03120
-thermostat gasket - 16325-62010
-water outlet o ring - 96761-24010
-Aisin water pump - WPT - 014
-Piston ring set - 13011-76050
-Oil pan gasket - 00295-00103
-rod bearing set - 13041-75020-05 (set of 4)
-main bearing set(#1 and#5) - 11701-75020-02
-main bearing set (#2-4) - 11071-75020-02
-Thrust bearing - 11011-75010
-crank shaft seal - 90311-48014
-crank shaft seal (rear)- 90311-88003

-oil pump gasket - 15188-76010
-Oil pump - 15103-76020
-Oil pump cover - 15115-76040
-oil drain plug gasket -
-distributor rotor - 19102-74040
-distributor o ring - 90099-14091
-distributor cap - 19101-76010
-Denso Iridium spark plugs - SK20R11
-AT drain plug seal - 35178-30010
-AT filter kit - WP-7669D
-Output shaft seal - 90311-5202
-Multi rib belt - 7pk-0810
-Multi rib belt - 6pk-1145
-Drive belt - 4pk-0890
-Diff seal - 90311-38047
-radiator hose - 1657176031
-radiator hose - 1657276022
-radiator hose - 1657376022
-radiator hose - 1657476011
-pcv valve and gromet - (Beck/Arnley) - 0450243
- Radiator - (Spectra) - CU1749
- Water pump drive gear - 13525-76030 (13525B)
-2 front cross drilled rotors - CD BZ 44071
-2 Rear cross drilled rotors - CD BZ 44041
-Wagner Thermoquiet Ceramic front disc pads - QC436
-Wagner Quickstop Ceramic rear disc pads - ZD501

- Rearview camera parking kit, 4.3" LCD monitor, and wireless, water/weather proof back up camera.
-brake pedal cover - 47121-12011

-For emissions
Brand new CAT
Brand new upstream 02 sensor

--Additionally for IACV and EGR cleaning
Fram G15 inline filter - did this for the flakes going into the ventilation tube.

2 small hose clamps for the filter.

Throttle body gasket - 22271-76020

IAC valve rubber gasket - 22215-76010 - gasket between the IACV and Throttle body
IAC valve screws (set of 4) - 21821-25180 - holds the IACV to the throttle body
EGR intake gasket - 25628-76010 - this is on the far right side next to the exhaust.
EGR valve gasket - 25627-76010 - used for the EGR valve to the intake manifold.
Air inlet duct gasket - 22273-76010 - this is where the air goes into the intake manifold and where the EGR can get plugged

1 container of coolant

- Cylinder head - check for cracks, all machine work and all internals replaced
- engine block - clean, boil and hone, replace all internal parts
- Transmission - flush and replace seals and oil filter strainer
------ Transmission started to fail, rebuilt 3/2015

The full rebuild for the transmission covered:

-Master Overhaul kit
-New torque converter
-forward drum
-Input sprag
-transmission electronics - shift and lock up solenoids
-fluid for transmission and rear differential
-New transmission mounts
-Transgo shift kit - SK 340 (Type 1 VB)---------------------------------------------------------


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